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Ritchie County Historical Society

The Ritchie County Historical Society was formed in 1973. The organization was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation in 1976 and the Society purchased the Old Stone House, establishing a evolutionary museum and a local and regional genealogy and history library. In the early 1990's, the Society leased the B & O Depot and has established a railroad museum.

Old Stone House Museum

Pre 1908 Stone House

The black & white photo shows the Stone House prior to 1908

Stone House

Current (2006) photo of the front of the Stone House. The boarding house annex is immediately behind and connected to the Stone House.

310 West Myles Avenue (Old Rt 50)

Pennsboro, WV 26415

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Pennsboro B & O Railroad Depot

1880s Depot Picture

An early photo of the Pennsboro B & O Depot

2010 Depot Photo

September 2010 Photo of the Depot

Corner of Broadway and Depot Streets, Along State Route 74 in downtown, Pennsboro, WV

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Pennsboro B & O Depot Trailhead

Pennsboro B & O Trailhead

As part of a massive restoration and rehabilitation project with the Stone House and the Depot, The Historical Society established a trailhead at the Pennsboro Depot. Part of the design is a bio-detention swale or raingarden which provides.

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Ritchie County Historical Society Publications

Printable Publications List and Order Form 

  1. History of Ritchie County by Minnie Kendall Lowther. Society’s reprint of 1911 county history (minus a few photos) with original index. Hardbound. 681 pages includes histories of communities and sketches of early families. (Donation of at least $40.00 plus $4.50 postage & handling)
  2. Ritchie County, WV Cemeteries – Through 1993 852 pages with Index and supplemental map. Approximately 325 cemeteries/burying grounds and 19,000 names. Hardbound. (Donation of at least $40.00 plus $4.50 postage & handling)
  3. A Photographic History of Ritchie County, West Virginia 309 pages, hardbound, with photos of communities; country churches, schools & stores; mills; oil & gas; railroads; covered bridges; County Fair; and more. (Donation of at least $40.00 plus $4.50 postage & handling)
  4. Map of Ritchie County Schools. Map depicts location of country schools in county, circa 1910. Legend lists approximately 160 school names and nearly all are depicted on map. (Donation of at least $10.00 plus $4.00 postage and handling)      
  5. North Bend Rail Trail Guide by Charlene Lattea. 178 pages, spiral bound and laminated, provides map from Parkersburg to Clarksburg with history of the B & O Railroad,  communities, etc. and includes  rare & historical photos. (Donation of at least $25.00 plus $4.50 postage & handling)
  6. The Life and Times of the Pennsboro B & O Depot  Softbound, spiral binding, enclosed in durable clear vinyl covers. 39 pages, nearly 40 depot photos from circa 1890 to present.  Maps and timetables included. (Donation of at least $20.00 plus $3.50 postage & handling)       
  7. Ritin’ ‘N Railin’ by Brooks Pepper from his West Virginia Hillbilly columns. Tales of the B & O Railroad with articles about the local Ritchie County railroads; Calico/C & K, P & H, and Harrisville Southern. Hardbound. 216 pages. (Donation of at least $15.00 plus $3.50 postage & handling)
  8. The Irish Immigration Into Ritchie Co., WV by Janet Hodge. Includes tombstone readings, census records and excerpts of county histories to identify immigration patterns and local Irish settlements. Also includes Court House marriage and death records that provide the birth place of Ritchie Countians born in Ireland. (Second Edition) (Donation of at least $15.00 plus $3.50 postage & handling)
  9. Mountain Mists: Appalachian Folkways of West Virginia by Dr. Carol Ann Gillespie. Includes folkways, customs, superstitions, remedies, etc. of the Appalachian Mountains. Also includes an article about the Ritchie Mines. Softbound, 100 pages. (Donation of at least $16.00 plus $3.50 postage and handling)
  10. Farm Maps.  Separate farm maps of seventeen counties:  Braxton (2 sheets). Calhoun (1 sheet), Doddridge (1), Gilmer (2), Harrison (2), Jackson (1), Lewis (2), Marion (2), Marshall (1), Pleasants (1), Ritchie (2), Roane (2), Tyler (2), Upshur (2),  Wirt (1), Wetzel (1) and Wood (1).  Circa 1910-1920. Depict farm boundary lines, landowners’ names, and location of communities, post offices and some railroads.  Some maps two sheets (2) and some maps are one sheet (1).  (10% discount of map price offered on orders of seven counties or more.)  Before placing order, contact historical society for shipping and handling costs via email address or toll free phone number posted below. (Donation of at least $20.00 per county, plus correct S & H.)
  11. Souvenir Ball-Point Pens.  Pens made by Alan Haught, Mayor of Harrisville. Wood in pens from original timbers from Berea Covered Bridge or Old Stone House Museum. (Donation of at least $25.00 per pen plus $2.00 S & H)
  12. Ritchie County Fair  Softbound reprint of 1938 “Fair Official Racing Program and History”. Includes two photos and copies of covers from 1893, 1905 & 1948 programs. (Donation of at least $10.00 plus $3.50 postage & handling)  
  13. Northwestern Turnpike Map and supplemental booklet by Barr Wilson. Laminated map depicts proposed location of turnpike in 1833 from Clarksburg to Parkersburg. Barr added Indian Trails, etc.  
    (Donation of at least $30.00 plus Add $5.00 postage & handling)
  14. Illustrated Industrial Edition of Ritchie County Published by Pennsboro News, 1905. Contains sketches of prominent citizens, primarily of Pennsboro, with many photos of buildings and leading citizens. (Donation of at least $5.00 plus $3.50 postage & handling)
  15. Newsletters. Back issues of society’s newsletters. (Donation of at least $1.50 per issue)
  16. Society Membership.  Annual dues are $10.00 and based on the calendar year. Members receive four newsletters per calendar year and an opportunity to help preserve the history and heritage of Ritchie County.

NOTE - Items 1, 2, 3 & 8 normally shipped Media Rate, a lower rate but takes 4 to 6 days longer than First Class.

Printable Publications List and Order Form   

Email the society for information on new publications.